Automatic Keyless Lock Cylinder

  • Automatic Keyless Lock Cylinder
  • Automatic Keyless Lock Cylinder
Automatic Keyless Lock Cylinder
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automatic lock cylinder
Slide protection function: prevent direct sunlight, fingerprint aging, mis-opening, dust, rain, etc.;
Emergency key to open the door: the emergency key can be used when the battery is exhausted;
Emergency power supply: Micro USB interface design, when the battery is exhausted, emergency power supply such as charging treasure can be used.
Integrated precision casting process, each part is made of 304 stainless steel, which is the strongest lock body process in China;

unlock by password,card,fingerprint,APP,key,can link to other smart home devices

The highest safety level lock core, concealed design, to prevent technical unlocking, violent unlocking.

Anti-test open function, the password is entered incorrectly 5 times, the screen will be locked for 5 minutes to prevent others from deliberately guessing the password.

The key unlocking door lock will sound the alarm function and push it to the mobile phone APP at the same time;

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